our purpose

Who we work for



We believe that every child should learn from a quality basic education.



We keep in touch with the vulnerable people in the community and we make sure they are in a good health.



Our target is to change the youth with enormous potential to bring about the positive changes in the society.

Our latest Projects

Education & Facilities

Education is not only basic human right, but the foundation for development. In Uganda, two thirds of the children drop out of school before completing their primary education or completely fail to get to change to get an education. This is due to several reason but extreme poverty being the main issue since many parents can not afford basic scholastic materials and pay school fees

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Health Care & Medical

These services provide the critical ‘front line’ of health services in the community, where many people come from distances up to 20 km away to receive medical attention. In particular, our community outreach services provide mobile health services to all villages in our area. This serves to educate the community in preventative health measures, and to provide curative services to those who are unable to/have not yet come to our health facilities. Our services benefit over 20,000 people, especially children, the and expectant mothers in this community.

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Through small-scale agriculture and family-farm business,  we have to help small farmers change the lives of their families. There’s increasing inequality, and widespread hunger and malnutrition which is endemic, stunting children’s development and causing sickness, lifetime damage, and contributing to the premature death of millions of under-fives. Women and children are the worst affected.


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