What we do!


RCU was founded on the premise that the most vulnerable people have a right to a healthy life and able to access basic needs of life. Our mission is to work with vulnerable people in resource-limited settings through provision of medical care, education, agriculture and economic empowerment to create long lasting change that is owned by the entire community in Uganda.

Meanwhile, countless lives have been lost to HIV/AIDS, other calamities and as a result, many children have been left orphaned and with the high striking poverty today. they are left to fend for themselves, these children have no other option but to live on the streets or in slum areas. With no source of income, relatives or food they become susceptible to abuse, malnutrition and even child labour. It is to these children we provide our help and offer our dedicated services.

The Organization seeks to promote dignity, equality, independence of the individuals and the communities it serves. RCU focuses on community strengths, and ensures that the communities they engage with more especially children, youth and older persons are participating fully as active agents of change of their societies.

Relief Care Uganda was set up create opportunities which inspire and develop children, youth the elderly people and their communities, through educational projects, medical care services and sustainable agriculture.

We believe that through creation of community schools, sustainable agricultural projects and provision of medical care services allows the young, youth and elderly people regardless of their situation to gain the best health and academic services which empowers them to be able to access their basic needs in life.


  1. Maternal- Neo – Natal and child health & Adolescent Sexual reproductive health
  2. Quality early childhood and Primary Education
  3. Sustainable youth livelihood and economic empowerment:
  4. Water, sanitation and hygiene:
  5. Addressing gender inequality and economic exclusion
  6. Strengthening community health systems and lower level structures
  7. Climate Change Management
  8. Sustainable Agriculture

Each year, the focus is on strengthening Relief Care Uganda (RCU) in the areas of support for the orphaned and other vulnerable children (OVCs), Youth and the elderly people through provision of education, Medical care, empowerment and sustainable agriculture.

The Organisation


Relief Care Uganda-RCU was started in 2012 and registered by the government of Uganda in 2014 as a non profit making organisation with a vision of having an empowered and pro-active community; which can effectively and efficiently respond to social needs. The organisation was started as a response to the wide-ranging crisis prevalent throughout Uganda. Today, many communities live below the poverty line facing unaffordable educational programs, ill equipped health care services and economic pressure. Jobs are few and far between and families simply cannot provide standard medical care or schooling to their children. Our operational area is in the rural communities of Wakiso District in Uganda stationed in Entebbe with program activities in Kasanje Sub-county.

Fair and sustainable development

Relief Care Uganda’s vision is a society where vulnerable communities live to their full potential. Relief Care Uganda’s vision includes all people irrespective of religion, gender, ethnicity, colour, sexual orientation, language, ideological or political beliefs, national or social origin, property, age, birth or any other status.

Relief Care Uganda’s goal is to change economic, social and cultural structures that generate poverty.

Relief Care Uganda’s strength

Relief Care Uganda is a well-established organisation which carries out projects by taking action to ensure a dignified future for vulnerable people  and works with partner organizations and CSOs to make the long-term development work more effective.

Relief Care Uganda’s strength is its partner organizations and groups of well-wishers who support our cause. We work tirelessly on the basis of our beliefs, taking action to ensure that our projects are implemented effectively


Relief Care Uganda receives funding for specific projects from partner organisations  and from welwishers both locally and internationally. RCU has many more projects that need funding and collaboration hence more partners are very welcome to join us