As part of our goal towards sustainability, RCU has an acre of land used for farming demonstration for both cultivation and animal rearing.  Our farming is a great learning experience for the children in our care and support and the community at large. Both the community members and children learn how to plant and harvest according to our sessional cycle, with respect for the land.  With this knowledge, the children and community members will be able to learn how to do farming on a small scale and the crops can be used for both nutritional and financial support to the families. This will enable the parents be able to get basic needs of life and also send children to school.

With the additional purchase of more acres of land in the future, we will increase the cultivation of crops inclusive of foods, fruits and also rearing animals like goats, pigs, cows and poultry.  This will not only provide food for the children under our care and support, school, but also help poor families in the community and will generate much needed income for running the organization programs. Currently, the land is producing crops such as corn, sweet potato, cassava, banana, and beans which are used for feeding and also selling to get money for running day today errands for the organisation

Bark Yard Sustainable Agriculture

This is set at the farm and it is used as a demonstration site during training on how to set up small gardens near homes. It is also used to train about promoting small-scale irrigation farming and organic farming. RCU also uses plastic containers as vegetable gardens and these can be placed on house verandas or in the compounds. These can be able to provide vegetable foods all around the year hence improve nutrition for all. Women and youth groups are empowered to practice this farming due to the fact that they are also able to sell some of the vegetables so as to earn some financial support hence purchasing other basic needs in their homes.

Small groups of people are also provided with a few animals like pigs, goats and chicken after being empowered on how to look after them. When they give birth, we also give other members of the community to do the raring. This project has helped many live out of the poverty cycle as many are now able to save money hence being able to access basic needs and also send children to school

Our latest Projects

Education & Facilities

Education is not only basichuman right, butthe foundation for development. in Uganda , two thirds of children drop out of school before completing their primary education or completely fail to get to change to get an education.

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Health Care & Medical

Relief Care Uganda’s medical program’s primary objective is to give free healthcare to children and older persons(55 years and above) who are under care and support of Relief Care Uganda.

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As part of our goal towards sustainability, RCU purchased 1 acre of land in 2014 to cultivate crops. Our farming is great learning experience for the children, who all take part in caring for our crops and land.

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