Health Promotion program

Uganda’s burden is dominated by mostly communicable diseases, which account for over 50% of illness and deaths. Many diseases that plague Africa, such as malaria, typhoid, bacterial infections and measles are preventable. We look forward to improving access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Services- SRHR

Relief Care Uganda continues to provide collaborative medical care and community health sensitization services about SRHR and other health threats. This is done through collaborating with other medical implementing partners by conducting outreach clinics hence extending health services to vulnerable community members, Relief Care Uganda’s long-term plan is to set up a community health facility so as to extend health services to vulnerable communities were people need to move many miles so as to access health care services these are inclusive of different islands on Lake Victoria. Many children, youth and elderly with in the communities have been able to receive treatment through our outreach clinics while many others have been sensitized about prevention measures of the non-treatable diseases, we look forward to continue with these services through collaborating and partnering with other medical institutions both locally and internationally

Outreach clinics/Medical Campsl
This program involves visiting different communities inclusive of islands and slums to provide medical care. For many people in these areas, they can hardly afford to go to pharmacies and hospitals, so we come to them instead. They often do not have a lot of education on hygiene or access to clean water, so even a simple cut can be a life threatening and cause major problems. There is a huge range of injuries and illnesses you could encounter while on this program but working with local doctors and community leaders we are able to form a palm of action to support these individuals. Where people require additional treatment or support, we have partnerships with local clinics to provide the best possible on-going care. HIV/AIDS and malaria testing are a big part of the work we do, as they are very common amongst the communities we work with. We always use these issues as opportunities to provide counselling services and how to avoid diseases, cleanliness, use of mosquito nets and any other health related topics

The health services provided are General medical services;
• Young child visit care including immunization
• Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Services (SRHR)
• HIV/AIDS Testing and Counselling services
• Community Integrated Outreach services