What we do


Relief Care Uganda is a community-based development organization that assists the most vulnerable sections of the community by mobilizing resources and skills that empower them. Since 2006, Relief Care Uganda has been dedicated to play its duty in helping the needy and creating sustainable development in vulnerable rural communities of Uganda.
Relief Care Uganda aims at positively impacting the society, through different intervention that mitigate and provide relief to societal challenges spread in different sector such as Education, Water, Agriculture, Healthcare, Social and Economical.

Internship Collaborationsdevelopment

Internships are an integral part of university education today. Students are required to complete a practical study semester as part of their degree in most universities. Relief Care Uganda is an organization that is well placed to provide internships to international and local students. We provide students an opportunity to practice what they are learning, put theory and key principles in real life situations, reflect upon the material they have learnt in class, and provide that opportunity to build professional relationships, which students can take into their future professional careers. For these reasons, internships are increasingly becoming a popular endeavor for college students across the globe. We run an internship on the theme “Social Work in a Developing Country Context”. We want to place Social Work at the nexus of Education, Health, social economic empowerment and Agriculture, four core areas that have the largest bearing on Uganda’s rural households. And yet Uganda’s rural dynamics are not dissimilar to rural dynamics in many developing countries or what we might loosely call the global south. Our goal, in this case, is to center Social Work practice in global rural development.

The internship programs are premised on three core principles:

  1. Internships that are deliberately designed and planned;
  2. Internships that are facilitated by qualified experts;
  3. Internships that earn students’ academic credit for successfully completing the internship.

Internship mentors: internship mentors based in the community or at the internship site are the students first point of contact while the students are at the internship site. They introduce students to the community, guide students on ethics and help the students navigate local cultural issues. They answer students’ questions, and may act as interpreters as required. Internship mentors are of a minimum of high school, and are fluent in both English and Luganda, the major language in the internship site

1. Volunteering in Uganda for Free
The volunteering is free through Relief Care Uganda, you only make a small once-off donation to book and confirm your placement. You can stay for up to 12 weeks and no extra fees required. You are responsible for your flight, visas and living costs but we ask for no program or weekly fees to get involved. We appreciate your time and allow you to use your compassion and skills to help make the world a better place!
The volunteer placements organized by Relief Care Uganda are with local projects and will be the most rewarding part of your stay. Almost everyone finds the first week of volunteering difficult between the language barrier and culture shock, but those challenges are so worth it when you start to feel at home in your project and begin to figure out what you can offer to help.
We arrange volunteer placements in Uganda at a variety of different projects falling under a number of categories. Most of these projects are working towards long term sustainability.We have a set number of placements at each project, according to their needs.
For anyone interested in joining hands with us, to serve and volunteer in Uganda, our preferred minimum stay is for 4 weeks up to 12 weeks, although in special considerations, we can accept participants for 2-3 weeks. For those who are already in Uganda and they would love to visit or work with our projects for a day, two or a week, you are also welcome.

Why do we offer free volunteer programs?
Our Uganda volunteer program’s focus is to increase volunteer engagement in rural communities and that is the main reason, we welcome and engage the volunteers at no cost!Relief Care Uganda offers top free volunteering abroad programs. We are the only NGO, nonprofit that offers free volunteer opportunities in Uganda.

Volunteering overseas is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture while simultaneously giving back. Many of these volunteer programs come with a hefty price tag, but not to worry, because it’s still very possible to volunteer for free! The main reason why organizations charge you for money to volunteer abroad is to cover up costs for meals and accommodation.
At Relief Care Uganda we cover up that in exchange for your volunteer service, experience, time and skills you share with our community. We own our accommodation facility and we grow our own organic foods!

Our Backpackers Home is your first touchpoint to our community. This will be your home during your stay with us in Uganda. Eat farm-to-table, join activities, workshops and projects, or just relax and recharge… We’ll see you at the home!