Who We Are


The Organisation

Relief Care Uganda provides long-term sustainable solutions to problems in rural Uganda which are mainly caused by poverty. Together with the communities we serve, we have identified 4 key areas where change needs to have a positive impact if poverty is to become a challenge of the past. Education, Health Care promotion, Agriculture and Economic empowerment
Relief Care Uganda addresses some of the most pervasive problems in rural Uganda, including poor healthcare systems, hunger, poor education system, access to clean drinking water, environment degradation and extreme poverty.


  • Sexual and Reproductive HE
  • Quality early childhood and Primary Education
  • Sustainable youth livelihood and economic empowerment
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Addressing gender inequality and economic exclusion
  • Strengthening community health systems and lower-level structures
  • Climate Change Management
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Consultation
  • Fair and sustainable development
    Relief Care Uganda’s Vision is to realise a society where vulnerable communities live to their full potential. The goal is to change economic, health, education, social and cultural structures that generate poverty hence failing many people to access basic needs.

    Relief Care Uganda’s strength
    Relief Care Uganda is a well-established organisation which carries out projects by taking action to ensure a dignified future for vulnerable people and collaborates with both local and international partner organisations to make long term development work more effective.
    Relief Care Uganda receives funding for specific projects from partner organisations and from well-wishers both locally and internationally. RCU has many more projects that need funding and collaboration hence more partners and volunteers are very welcome to join us.

    Our team
    The team at Relief Care Uganda has a wealth of experience and deep rooted love of working with vulnerable people and communities. To each member of the team, it is more than a job – it’s a community of people who share a passion for serving, empowering and bringing hope to the unprivileged groups of people. The empathy and love shines in their eyes and in the way they execute their duties. The team here, serving and saving the needy is a calling.

    The Board Members
    Our board team remains true to our vision and values, and its membership offers a diverse and synergistic rage of experience, nationalities and cultures. These are our people and they have all at your disposal, individually and collectively.

    A society where vulnerable communities live to their full potential.
    We believe in the transformative impact of education and we aim to provide room for education, empowerment, health care services to those who need it the most, so that they can change themselves and change the communities where they live.

    We strive for a transformed society where equal rights and opportunities are advanced to vulnerable members of the community and to improve their quality of life.
    We value empowerment, collaboration and accountability. We are passionate and aim to be responsive and effective in everything we do.

    Core Values;

    • Excellence
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Transparency
    • Accountability
    • Community diversity
    • Sustainable Agriculture
    • Respect for human dignity
    • Partnership based on mutual respect and shared values